Friday, 2 May 2008

Giveaway! 'Night of Knives' (Ian Cameron Esslemont)

Ian Cameron Esslemont's 'Night of Knives' hits the shelves in mass market form on May 5th. Not only has it got a handy map of Malaz City but it also has an excerpt from Esslemont's forthcoming book 'Return of the Crimson Guard' which is well worth a read. Thanks to the good folk at Transworld I've got three copies of 'Night of Knives' (UK mass market edition)to give away to anyone who would like a copy. Here's the thing though, when I say 'anyone' what I mean is 'anyone who doesn't live in America'... Apologies to American readers, there's some piece of legality (a copyright issue or something)that means Transworld can't send books to America. If it's any consolation, the Mike Carey competition is still open and you're more than welcome to enter that! :o)

Anyway... If you're interested in winning a copy of 'Night of Knives'then entering is as simple as ever. You see my email address at the top right hand side of the screen? Drop me an email telling me who you are and where you live. I'll pick three winners next Thursday night (8th May) and announce the winners on the Friday. As the Mike Carey competition is still on the go you will need to indicate, in your email header, that it's the 'Night of Knives' competition that you're interested in. Something along the lines of 'Night of Knives'? I'll have some of that!' will do the trick ;o)

Good Luck!

PS My review of 'Night of Knives' is over Here if you fancy a look.

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Tam said...

Wow, dead chuffed to have won.

Thanks again!