Sunday, 10 August 2008

'Night of the Living Dead Annual!' (Or why I should never wear my zombie t-shirt in Forbidden Planet...)

Checkout Guy: "I see you're wearing a zombie t-shirt my good man. Can I interest you in this fine limited edition 'Night of the Living Dead' comic?"

Me: "That is indeed a fine comic old chap. Unfortunately I'm saving my money for the purchase of alcoholic beverages tonight and... I couldn't possibly... but it's all bright and shiny... but I've got too many comics already... and..."

Checkout Guy: "It has a certificate of authenticity in the back..."

Me: "Then I'll take it!"

Checkout Guy: "A most astute purchase sir. While you're here, can I interest you in this rather splendid pack of 'Dawn of the Dead' playing cards?"

Me: "Sounds good to me! Hang on... I don't even play cards!" *Runs out of shop*

It's a great comic though that gives us an idea of the events immediately following 'Night of the Living Dead' and shows us what might have happened to some of the main characters. In the meantime; Don and Christine are trying to reach Christine's father, a newsreader at the local TV station. Add an arrogant doctor experimenting on zombies and you've got a tasty slice of zombie action!

This is the first time I've purchased a limited edition comic and it got me thinking. I'm one of five hundred people, around the world, who own this comic... who are the others? Do you know someone who also bought this comic or do you have a copy yourself? Did you see me buy my copy, in Forbidden Planet, and think "that looks cool, I'm having one of those..."? I want to know!
Comments or emails please... :o)

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Anonymous said...

I bought all the other 499 ones after I saw you buying yours. If it's good enough for Graeme, it's good enough for me.