Saturday, 29 September 2007

Naomi Novik and David Anthony Durham News...

If you're a Naomi Novik fan then you'll know that her latest book, 'Empire of Ivory', has just had it's US release. Naomi's Website is a veritable mine of information that will supplement your read in the best possible way. Go and have a look and (while you're there) sign up for the newsletter as well. Apparently Naomi didn't have time to include an excerpt from 'Victory of Eagles' (the next book) because of publishing deadlines but a teaser will be going out to fans who have signed up for the newsletter.
My copy is coming to me courtesy of a good friend, in Canada, who has earned as much beer as he can drink the next time he visits London! :o)

David Anthony Durham's 'Acacia' is a big contender for fantasy debut of the year. If you hadn't read it already then you really should! Maybe you don't have the time though; screaming kids, busy job/commute can all take time away from a good read. So how do you fancy winning a copy of the 'Acacia' audiobook? Couldn't be easier, David mentions the comp on his Blog and there's also a thread on his Forum where you need to leave your name. As much as I want to win this, good luck if you enter!

Have a great weekend you guys!

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