Thursday, 6 September 2007

Fancy a free read?

Last night, I received an email from a very nice guy called Mayer Brenner. Mayer wrote a four book series, 'The Dance of Gods', between 1987 and 1992 that (for a number of reasons) didn't do well enough for DAW Books to continue printing them. Fast forward fifteen years and Mayer is thinking, "You know what? These books would actually do better in today's fantasy market than they ever did before!" Here's what Mayer had to say about his books...

"The books are built around a sprawling crowd of raffish characters, too smart by half for their own good and more than a little self-reflective, in a series of overlapping and colliding storylines. The plot features no grand battles between good and evil; more of a struggle between self-interest and unintended consequences, against a landscape of contending gods, politicians, adventurers, and folks who have to work for a living. The stories take an approach to magic more suited to engineers or programmers than mystics; more procedure-based than object-oriented, perhaps, but communing with nature is usually the last thing on these practitioners' minds. For that matter, I'm not sure the combination of magic-code hackers, molecular nanotech, and network-mediated consensual reality of the gods is something that could ever be summarized on a back-of-the-book blurb... "

Sounds interesting to me... Mayer's mission is to raise his books from the dead (and get them back in the public eye) and the way he is going about this is by making them available to download for free on his website. Isn't the internet great for picking up a free read? I like to think so. I'll be having a read, and posting my thoughts, in the near future but I thought (in the meantime) you folks would appreciate a link to some free reading material. Mayer has already scanned and edited the first two books, the other two will soon follow. Have a click Here and get reading!


Chris, The Book Swede said...

I also got an email from Mayner and I'm very excited about helping him :)

Just posted my "Princes..." review btw - it agrees with yours =D

The Book Swede

Gav's Studio said...

hmmmm - ummmmm - ohhhhhh - ahhhhh - eeeeeek! error.