Sunday, 18 March 2012

Robert Kirkman to publish 'Walking Dead Michonne Origin Story'... In Playboy...

I'm not going to lie, I'm a big fan of 'The Walking Dead' (the comic books, way behind on the films) so when I read the first part of the headline (that Michonne's tale would finally be told, link Here) I was really excited. There's a lot of mystery around Michonne and I'd love to see her tale told. Great news... or was it?

Then I read the second part of the headline and thought to myself, 'how the hell would I explain to my wife that I wanted to buy a copy of 'Playboy' so I can read a zombie story?' It's the truth but there's no way that she'd buy it... Great way to reach a wider audience, also possibly a great way to alienate the audience that you already have. I'll be waiting for this story's inevitable inclusion in one of the later trade collections.

And then I thought, 'Michonne, Playboy, really...?' There is a pretty big spoiler ahead so you be careful... ;o)

Michonne being a victim of sexual abuse makes for an odd choice of character (to say the least) to showcase in an adult magazine, doesn't it? It may be her 'origin tale' but we all know what's coming so it's an origin tale that's sending the lead character down a path that will eventually lead to her being raped. And this is in an adult magazine.

Shit really does happen in the world of the 'Walking Dead' and that's how the readers like it. I certainly do, you never know what will happen next and it keeps me reading. It only really works within the confines of the series itself though (and I'm applying this to what I've seen of the TV show as well). Step outside that venue though and you need to be very careful about where you continue to tell the story. I'm not sure what happened here but, like I said, an odd move to say the least...

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