Friday, 23 March 2012

Orbit UK releases science fiction novel with limited edition 3D cover

From the press release...

Orbit UK is proud to announce the release in June of a spectacular new novel from a grand master of science fiction – with a very special limited edition cover.
Over 20 years ago, David Brin began the Uplift series  a set of novels that would sweep the board for science awards year after year. That was the beginning of a career that would see David writing a vast range of fiction, computer game storylines and graphic novels as well as having a novel being turned into a major motion picture with The Postman.

Now, 10 years after his last book, David Brin returns in epic style with Existence – an all-encompassing novel of the near future. Both brilliant and terrifying, the book portrays mankind facing a crisis and potentially its imminent demise.

We are also thrilled to unveil the news that the first edition of Existence, released on 21st June 2012, will feature a cover with a unique 3D "lenticular" effect. The cover gives an impression of floating in space miles above Earth, and its distinctive nature means that this book is likely to fast become a collectors’ item. There will be just one print run of this edition and it will only be available until stocks last.See the following video for a preview of what's to come:

I'm not normally a fan of 'freaky' looking covers, the cover art for Simon Morden's books actually brings on a massive headache every time I look at it, but I've seen the cover for 'Existence' and my eyes didn't bleed, not once :o) One for collectors, fans and maybe people like me who need to read more David Brin (is he any good?)

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bubbasmom said...

Whoa! David Brin has a NEW NOVEL?? CanNOT wait for that! You need to read "Kiln People" while waiting; it's a good stand-alone novel you'll thoroughly enjoy.