Monday, 14 March 2011

The 'Reading Everything, Finishing Nothing' Competition Winner's Post!

I hate it when this happens... You start reading one book and it's really great but you can't get into it so you pick up another book to try. It's another good one but you can't get into that one either so you pick up another one and... before you know it you've got six or seven half read books on the pile that you can't get into. It's obviously time to put that pile to one side and break out the comfort reads, for this week anyway.

For now though, lets just say that J.M. McDermott's 'Never Knew Another' is a gorgeous read (albeit a little too rich for me right now) and I'm very surprised at just how good Mark Lawrence's 'Prince of Thorns' is turning out to be - one little reservation there but I'm just waiting to see if that one irons itself out or not. You might even see a review this week, not sure though...

Enough of all that though, there are competition winners to be announced! Thanks to everyone who entered the 'Crippled God' and 'Moon over Soho' competitions last week. In an ideal world I'd have given books to everyone but this isn't an ideal world so the winners were...

'The Crippled God'

Chris Durham, Market Harborough, UK

'Moon over Soho'

John Burkland, New York, US
Melita Kennedy, California, US
Tim Miller, North Carolina, US

Well done guys, your books will be with you very soon... Better luck next time everyone else.
Before I head off, here's a quick link to Richard Morgan's blog where he lets us all know that 'The Cold Commands' is finished, in manuscript form at least. The editing process starts here and there's another book to go on the pile of books that I'm looking forward to. Knowing me right now though, I probably won't be able to get into it... ;o)

Have a great Monday!


suneokun said...

Woop, totally made up! (That's good, y'all!). I never win anything, and this has just made my week.

Pure WIN! Thanks Graeme!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I never win anything - thanks, Graeme. I look forward to reading Moon Over Soho.

Tim in NC

Melita K. said...

Oh, excellent! I'll be looking forward to receiving Moon Over Soho. Thanks, Graeme!

John said...

I loved Midnight Riot (though, I do think the British title, Rivers of London, is more apt) so I'm super excited for the new one.