Thursday, 31 March 2011

'Cradle of the Scar (Part Four)' - Peter Orullian

I'm working my way through Peter Orullian's 'The Unremembered' right now and hope to have a review up at some point soon. In the meantime though, Peter has also been releasing a series of 'webisodes' called 'The Cradle of the Scar'. In Peter's own words,

“I get excited about telling stories in different media. And I wrote this six-part webisode series entitled “Cradle of the Scar” with a particular idea in mind. I wanted to write more about the Scarred Lands in the world of The Vault of Heaven. And I also wanted to try my hand at pivoting several unique points of view around the same event, much like the film Vantage Point.”

I've never seen 'Vantage Point' (is it any good?) but that hasn't stopped me enjoying 'Cradle of the Scar'. Have a click Here to see the first two episodes and these Youtube clips should have a little thingy on them that will point you in the direction of episode three. Once you've done all that, I was lucky enough to be asked if I'd like to host episode four here. Of course I said yes! Check it out...

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