Saturday, 26 March 2011

'Pride and Prejudice & Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After' - Book Trailer

I know that review content has been particularly thin on the ground this week, sorry about that! If anyone knows a cure for teething (Hope, not me!) that doesn't involve forcefeeding alcohol to a ten month old baby then I'd be really grateful if you could tell me!

Reviews will kick off again next week (hopefully, I've got a big old stack of unfinished books at the moment) but in the meantime here's the book trailer for 'Dreadfully Ever After', the latest in the 'Pride and Prejudice & Zombies' series - another book that I will hopefully pick up soon. Check it out, I liked it :o)

Edited to add: Youtube clips always seem to either go over the edge of the border or have bits chopped off. Can anyone help?


Jessica Strider said...

The video shows up on google reader fine. If you want it to show up on your site properly, you either have to make your center column wider (so it fits the videos), which you'd have to do in your layout page or change the size of the videos when you post them. Changing the video size is probably easier and won't mess up the rest of your page. This is what you're looking for: width="640" height="390" Since the width exceeds your column, you need to find out what the width of your column is and then scale the video down. You only need to specify the width. Try 400 or 300 and let the height take care of itself (so it's scaled properly).

Hope this helps.

Memory said...

Does Blogger use YouTube's standard embed code, or do you use something internal to Blogger to get the video up there? (I've never used Blogger, but from the way people talk about posting pictures and the like, I gather there's something more than average HTML at work there.)

If you just copy and paste the embed code, you need to change the player width and height so the video will fit comfortably on your blog. I usually reset it to 425x344 pixels, but I think your blog may be a touch narrower than mine. (I'm awful at eyeballing these things.)