Friday, 13 March 2009

My Blog is Fabulous!

It really is, James said so right Here. Thanks James!

The deal is that I have to list five things that I really couldn't live without so here goes...

1) Books. It's an obvious one but oh so true. If it wasn't for my books then my inevitable descent into 'Commuter Rage' would have come a long long time ago. As it is, the inevitable is being delayed one book at a time...

2) My Missus. She jumps out of aeroplanes and does a great impression of that Japanese guy who was constantly ambushing Inspector Clouseau in the 'Pink Panther' films. I wouldn't laugh half so much if she wasn't around.

3) My i-pod. For reasons very similar to the reasons why I can't do without my books. On the tube I'm an agry person waiting to explode... ;o)

4) Chicken and Chips. The food of Kings! That is all...

5) Strawberry Fruitella. I could give up smoking but these little devils have got me totally hooked, damn them...

And here's the bit where I nominate five blogs that I think are fabulous. Some of them may have been nominated already but I don't care, they're still fabulous!

Fantasy Debut.
The Book Smugglers.
Fantasy Book News & Reviews.
Blood of the Muse.
Dave Brendon's Blog.


Dave said...

Thanks Graeme! Hehehe that's so cool!

Ana said...

Thanks Graeme! : D

If I lived in London I would suffer Commuter Rage as well. Long live my beautiful bicycle!

Best Fantasy and Science Fiction said...

That is exactly how I get through my commute, audio books. If it wasnt for them I would be bored out of my mind, high strung, and yelling at everyone on the road. Alas I am at peace...most of the drive. :)

OldMan said...

Hello, Graeme...I came across your blog while trying to google fantasy palaces..I just wanted to say I'm not the type to read or write blogs, but I think I'll bookmark yours just because I like your reviews.

I also love fantasy fiction and manga. And I can relate to the commuter frustration. I always see something wierd in the New York subway system, with a frightening regularity. Reading acts as a splendid charm against these weird occurences.

Nobody bothers you when you're reading. :) So, the point of this lengthy comment is that I think you write a good blod. Thank you