Monday, 30 March 2009

'Godmother' & 'Empress of Mars' - Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered the 'Godmother' and 'Empress of Mars' competitions. Without further ado (because someone made the wholly unfair decision that I must work for a living today...) here are the winners,


Valerie Tucker, Chesapeake, Virginia
Karen Oland, Knoxville, Tennessee
Donna Simmonds, St Louis, Missouri

'Empress of Mars'

Frank Nagy (Finished Copy), St Charles, Ilinois
Mike Geehan, Houston, Texas

Well done guys, your books should be with you very soon!
Better luck next time everyone else...


Karen in TN said...

Thanks for the book. I can't wait to get it, although impatience seems not to be a virtue for reading this particular book.

Dadawa said...

Thanks for the book. Looking forward to it.

donnas said...

Yay. Thanks!! And congrats to all the other winners.

Valorie said...

I have been DYING to Godmother, so thanks sooooooooo much for the chance to win it. Yey.