Sunday, 18 January 2009

The 'Where's the snow I was promised?' Link up spectacular

The weather forecast promised me snow, I'm looking out of the window right now and I can't see any (I like snow)... On the bright side though, a lack of snow should make heading off into town a little easier and we do have plenty to do while we're there.
Here's some links for you to be looking at in the meantime...

Ken reviews The Hero of Ages, a book that I've been having real trouble getting into. He's also got Questions Five for Hal Duncan...

Robert has been getting various authors to review 2008/preview 2009 and it's Jasper Kent's turn today...

Graham Joyce to write Doom 4? Apparently so... Thanks to Aidan for pointing this one out!

Kristen reviews Miles, Mystery and Mayhem by Lois McMaster Bujold.

The Book Smugglers have got a 'Manga Appreciation Week' going on right now. Just scroll down from the top, it's all good :o)

I'm reading Justin Gustainis' 'Evil Ways' right now, Mark has posted his review of Black Magic Woman.

The Deckled Edge has a review of The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox for your reading pleasure.

I'm one of what must be a very small group of people who have never watched 'The Sopranos', 'A Slight Apocalypse' Brings me up to speed.

And finally, James really didn't like Alien versus Predator 2... He also has some more News about the David Gemmell Legend Award (which I still need to cast my vote on...)

What am I doing? I finished 'Busted Flush' over the weekend so expect to see my review posted in the next few days. Here's a little look at the books I'm going to be reading next (Gizmo helped out)...

Thanks to Calibander for reminding me that 'A Madness of Angels' was lurking in the book pile. I've bumped it up and will be giving it a go soon ;o)
Have a great weekend everyone!


ediFanoB said...


a weather forecast is just a forecast and no promise :-)

I can't count how many times we got a snow forecast for our region. It failed except two times.

I can't promise you snow but I can give you a link to Winter pictures

SQT said...

I'm so jealous you have any book by Adrian Tchaikovsky. I can't get them here in the U.S. yet and I've been wanting to check them out. I have it on my Amazon wishlist, so I'll know when I can get my hands on one. But I hate waiting for all these great books you guys get first.

Graeme Flory said...

ediFanoB - You have a very good point... But I still want snow! :o) Where's my snow...?

SQT - I'm pretty sure you guys get your fair share of books before we do ;o) Adrian Tchaikovsky is well worth the wait though...