Thursday, 22 January 2009

Shameless Plug! 'Eagle Rising' - David Devereux (Gollancz)

This post was originally going to be a review but then I realised it would be impossible to be objective about a book that I've been giggling over due to the fact that not only do I make an appearance in 'Eagle Rising' but I also die in a particularly gruesome manner (seriously, I felt a little sick reading it)...

Bearing this in mind, I thought that I'd go down the 'shameless plug' route instead. I'm pretty sure that David won't mind ;o)
'Eagle Rising' has been on the shelves for a few days but the official launch date (and party, which I'll be going to) is today. I thoroughly enjoyed the continuing adventures of Jack and if you enjoyed 'Hunter's Moon' then I reckon you'll get a lot out of 'Eagle Rising'.
Here's the blurb,

Jack's back! And this time he must face a terrifying supernatural threat from Europe's recent past. Someone has been mad enough to revive the most terrifying evil of the last 60 years. And only one man is bad enough to stop them. Eagle Rising takes Jack to the rotten heart of big business and the dark secrets of a neo-nazi magical sect intent on giving the world back to a terror from the darkest days of the 1940s. Jack must infiltrate the closed corridors of big business and reach the core of a conspiracy amongst some of the most high-powered city executives in the country. A cabal of business men with occult interests and an insane hunger for the return of an old and dark order.

Like I said, well worth a look :o)


Tom Lloyd said...

Have to admit I did laugh when I realised just how unpleasantly you were going to die! (in the book, of course. Dave's not got anything else planned I'm almost sure.) Does that make me a bad person, or is it all the other stuff?

Hagelrat said...

reading about the gruesome deaths of people I (sort of) know is always a winner. I will be sure to pick this up.

wend said...

OMG ... RIP!