Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Another Big Fat End of the Year Post...

Where did the year go? One minute it was there, I turn my back for a few seconds... and it's gone! And why doesn't a day spent at work go as quickly? Seriously, if anyone could tell me I'd be very grateful...

It's been a great year for the blog in terms of some of the stuff I got to have a look at as well as meeting new people (author interviews and readers who left comments next to the posts). Thanks to everyone who stopped by over the course of the year, I hope you liked what you saw and I'll do my level best to give you more of the same (and stuff that's even better hopefully!) in 2009.

Highlights? I love reading so in one sense the whole of 2008 has been a highlight as I've read so many cool books that I've really enjoyed. More on that in a bit... In terms of the blog itself though, I was very surprised (to say the least) when my review of 'Paul of Dune'(don't pick it up if you have any love at all for the original books) racked up an impressive 4,420 hits... That's almost enough to make me waver in my decision not to pick up another of these books! :o)

Anyway, back to those really cool books that I read. People have been posting their 'Best of 2008' lists and I've got in on the act over at The Book Smugglers and on the forums at SFFWorld. All of these books were great, as far as I was concerned, but I held a few back for inclusion here instead; mostly because these were the ones I enjoyed the most and wanted to gush about them here! :o)
Ready? Here goes...

I was hard pressed to choose a favourite read for 2008, R. Scott Bakker's The Judging Eye (look out for it next month) and Matthew Stover's Caine Black Knife came close but, in the end, it was this book that really did it for me...

Joe Abercrombie's Last Argument of Kings was nothing less than a superb ending to a superb trilogy, if you haven't read any of these books then that should be your first New Year's resolution for 2009 ;o) I'm looking forward to seeing what Joe comes up with next in 'Best Served Cold'.

As for the rest of them...

'Ravensoul' (James Barclay) - I didn't think I'd ever see the Raven again, after 'Demonstorm', but James brings them back in style. I couldn't put this one down.

'Shadowbridge' (Gregory Frost) - A gorgeously realised world of stories within stories within... you get the idea. This one had me gasping for the sequel 'Lord Tophet' before I had even finished it.

'The Tower of Fear' (Glen Cook) - A slightly older book than the rest but clear evidence of Cook writing at the top of his game.

'Bloodheir' (Brian Ruckley) - A worthy sequel to 'Winterbirth' that promises good things for the concluding volume 'Fall of Thanes'.

'Sly Mongoose' (Tobias Buckell) - It only needs three words to tell you why this particular book caught my eye (and is damn cool)... Zombies in Space! ;o)

'Iron Angel' (Alan Campbell) - I wasn't too keen on the first book, 'Scar Night', but 'Iron Angel' made me look at things in a completely new way. I'm looking forward to 'God of Clocks'.

'Order 66' (Karen Traviss) - If only George Lucas had got Karen Traviss involved when he was filming the prequels, that's all I'm saying...

'Agent to the Stars' (John Scalzi) - I don't think I read a bad book by Scalzi, this year, but this was the one that made me laugh the most.

That's all from me this year, work will be finishing soon and then I'll be off for dinner, drinks and fireworks with friends. Whatever you do, have a great one too :o)


Carl V. said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed Agent to the Stars, I just got it for Christmas and will be reading it soon.

I'm happy to hear that about Campbell. I have the prequel, Lye Street, and I enjoyed it except for a few minor issues but I had heard so many discouraging things about Scar Night that I've never picked it up. Perhaps I need to just get through it so I can get to this one.

Have a wonderful new year Graeme!

ediFanoB said...

What else to do for blogger as to write big fat posts.

What else to do for blog readers as to read big fat posts.

For me it was a great year too.

I discovered a new world for me: BLOGS and internet communities !!
Beside this I read my first graphic novels !!

And finally I never read and wrote so much in English.

Graeme, ALL THE BEST for 2009.

I look forward to read your BIG FAT NEW YEARS POST......... I estimate not before dawn on 1rst of January :-D

wendy said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR Graeme — best wishes for You and Yours :o)

Been loving your blog ... especially since yours was my second on google reader! Neil Gaiman's was first ;o)

Thanks for steering me towards books I'd never have tried without your review, or books I'd never heard of. And, also, making me remember and find some oldies I've neglectfully secreted away for years (I'm about ready for a Barclay-thon)

Great reviews and choices. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to 2009's offerings :o)

Graeme Flory said...

Happy New Year guys!

Hope you're all having a good one :o)

Tia Nevitt said...

Happy new year, Graeme! Thank you for all the link-up mentions over the year!

Ana said...

I am late but Happy New Year! AND you have convinced me to finally pick up The Blade Itself which has been sitting in my TBR shelf for ages now.