Sunday, 13 July 2008

‘The Walking Dead’, Issues 48-50

The bottom line is this, if you like comics and zombies then ‘The Walking Dead’ should be on your list of ‘comics to get from the store’ if it isn’t already. There seems to be more and more zombie stuff out there but ‘The Walking Dead’ is the clear leader in the pack, it’s like watching a George Romero zombie film when they used to be good!

I’ve got the first four graphic novel collections so kind of assumed that this was the way my collection would be going. Apparently not as, just recently, I’ve found myself in Forbidden Planet when a new issue has been on the shelves. I couldn’t resist it! I’ve picked up issues forty-eight to fifty and all I can say is, wow…

Issue forty-eight.

A prison is a great place to shelter but the daily routine of a handful of people isn’t going to make for a great story. Kirkman has been building up to this for a while but this is the issue where the comfort zone well and truly disappears! If you haven’t read this yet then I won’t give too much away save that Kirkman has never shied away from being hard hitting, in the past, and really goes for it this time! No-one is safe and one particular panel (you’ll know which one) had me gasping, I never in a million years saw that one coming!
Brutal stuff but Kirkman is not afraid to take risks and that puts him on top of his game.

Issue forty-nine.

The safety of the prison is a thing of the past; get used to it, that’s what our survivors are having to do. People have been split up and I’m hoping that they find their way back to each other soon… This is a more poignant issue where the ramifications of what happened at the prison are just starting to sink in and surviving on the outside is proving to be a whole different ball game. Not as much happens in this issue but it’s no less effective for it.

Issue fifty.

Carl’s on his own, albeit very briefly, and we get a little glimpse of a young boy suddenly cut adrift from everything that’s safe and left to fend for himself in a world of zombies. It’s really powerful stuff, especially seeing Carl have it sink in that he’s on his own (and the conflicting thoughts this inspires). This issue is also a great example of less dialogue being more effective with some great work on display from Charlie Adlard.

I’m looking forward to the next fifty issues and beyond. I know I’ve already said it but this is a series that’s more than just worth a look, check it out if you haven't already...

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