Wednesday, 9 July 2008

'Briar King' Competition - The Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered, thanks also to Tor UK for supplying the books! It wouldn't have been much of a competition otherwise...
There could only be three winners though and these lucky people are,

Stefan Ancuta, Austria
Ben Doran, County Down, Northern Ireland
Jennifer Kingsbury, Calgary, Canada

Well done! Your books will be heading towards you in the next couple of days :o)
Everyone else, there will be more chances to win free books so stay tuned!


Stefan Ancuta said...
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Stefan Ancuta said...

I'm flattered :D Thanks for this feeling of having actually won something (never considered I had any luck at all). I actually created a blog-account to be able to thank you correspondingly.


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Thanks Graeme! I love your candid blog, and I was wondering what book to read next. Now I know!

Jennifer K.

Anonymous said...

cheers, Graeme!!!

thats awesome... i won something !!! yay me!!

ben doran. aka drinksinbars @malazan