Sunday, 11 November 2007

The Book Swede's 'Quotes of the Week'

I love reading other sci-fi/fantasy blogs. Not only is it useful to see what other people think of books (that I'm about to read) but it's also great to see how other people make their blogs unique by 'filling in the gaps' between reviews. I'm constantly logging on and thinking "Dammit! I really wish I'd thought of doing that first..."
The most recent blog to make me gnash my teeth in a fit of jealousy is The Book Swede. Not only is he a really nice guy but he's also full of ideas that make his blog stand out. His most recent idea is stunning in it's simplicity; every week he gets an author to pick their favourite quote from a book and then talk about it a bit. David Anthony Durham took the plunge, first of all, and this week it's the turn of Mark J. Ferrari (author of 'The Book of Joby'). Head on over and have a look (and then keep your eye out for future quotes by Patrick Rothfuss amongst others)!

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Chris, The Book Swede said...

Thanks very much for the mention, Graeme, and for the nice things said :D

I really have fun doing those Quotes, now, and I'm glad you like them!

Nice review of The Ivory and the Horn, by the way! I meant to drop you a message about that and something else, but I've forgotten what!

The Book Swede