Friday, 27 April 2007

Sci-Fi TV! Lexx 1.2 – ‘Supernova’

The Lexx has made it into the Dark Zone and the crew is searching for a new home. However, Zev is more concerned with solving the problem of Kai’s diminishing supply of proto-blood and the search for this answer takes the Lexx to Kai’s ancestral planet of Brunnis. Here the crew must contend with a psychotic hologram, a cannibal stowaway (who is aided by His Shadow’s Divine Predecessors) and the threat of a decaying sun that could go supernova at any time…
On one level I really enjoyed this episode; the viewer learns a little bit more about the backgrounds of Kai and Zev while Stanley Tweedle proves that there is the heart of a hero lurking underneath that cowardly exterior. 790’s sarcastic remarks, and hate/hate relationship with Stanley, provide the comic relief but the real star of the show (in this respect) is Tim Curry’s troubled hologram ‘Poetman’. Curry takes full advantage of ‘Lexx’s’ ability not to take itself too seriously and delivers a deliciously over the top performance that is outlandish enough to successfully convey that ‘alien feel’.
However, this particular episode nearly hamstrings itself with its need to push boundaries and promote itself as something truly original. A semi-naked shower scene is a blatant sign that the producers are trying too hard but what is truly unforgivable is the ‘song and dance musical number’ with Kai and Zev, a cringe worthy piece that almost kills the episode stone dead!
The episode is good enough to overcome ‘clunky’ experimentation but does suffer because of it, a lesson that perhaps producers should get their ideas straight before dumping the lot onto film.

Six out of Ten

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Snailtoe said...

Great to see Lexx on the blog, an underappreciated gem. While musical numbers are never good I think it's best to let the shower scene slip by without too many harsh words ;)