Tuesday, 24 April 2007

'Daywatch' (and the free screening that didn't quite happen...)

The internet is great isn’t it? Not only can I do things like this blog but every now and then a link comes up where you get free tickets to the cinema. I loved the film ‘Nightwatch’ so was looking forward to a free screening of ‘Daywatch’ (the second in the trilogy) last night, unfortunately there were far more tickets given out than seats available… Rather than tell you all about a long trek home in the rain, I thought I’d post what I was emailed about the film…

“Day Watch is a stand-alone film that takes place in modern day Moscow. On the side for good are the magically gifted Light Others. On the side for evil are the Dark Others - vampires, witches, shape-shifters and masters of black magic. Each side closely watches the other to make sure neither takes a wrong step and breaks the fragile Truce arrived at in medieval times.
Anton, a light other, and his rookie partner Svetlana, experience events that suggest to Anton that an ancient prophesy may be coming true. Only the Chalk of Fate - said to be able to literally re-write history - can change the ancient prophesy. The Prophesy predicts a Great Other will come and tip the scales of power toward darkness, re-igniting the war and plunging the world into eternal darkness. Anton and Svetlana must race to find the Chalk of Fate. At the same time, they must avoid the evil machinations of the Dark Others who try to frame Anton in a murder while also corrupting his young, yet estranged, son with their dark powers. Their failure to secure the Chalk of Fate could mean the end of the world.”

It looks good although I’m not too sure about having to find a ‘Chalk of Fate’, won’t they need some kind of magical blackboard as well? I'll be there when it opens (armed with the £5 off vouchers I was given!)

Out June 1st

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