Friday, 7 September 2012

Today is 'Buy a Book Day'!

I didn't realise it until I read this post and found myself directed to this site, now I know :o) By 'National', the site owners are talking about America but I'm sure they won't mind if the rest of us join in... ;o)

Books and buying books are two of my favourite things so I will of course be doing my bit later today. To be honest, I would probably have bought a book anyway :o) Are you with me? Of course you are! Go and buy that book, right now! It's a cause worth supporting.


Anonymous said...

Question: By books, do they mean only physical books? Or are ebooks included too?

Unknown said...

You're damn right I'm getting a book! It'll probably be Part Two of The Way of Kings :)

Carmen Wing said...

That's all the prompting I need! :D