Friday, 28 September 2012

So, we got back from Majorca at two o'clock this morning...

It's never nice to come back from a holiday but it's even less nice to come back to a cold house at two in the morning... Getting my hoodie caught in the taxi door (and almost getting smacked in the head by said door when the driver tried to get it out) pretty much paled into insignificance against the rest of it!

Anyway, that's why I scheduled a whole load of competitions over the last few days; it was way past time I had a break and that included a break from the blog. I'm back now though :o) I won't bore you with all the holiday details, lets just say it was really sunny and all the mosquitoes wanted to be friends... In terms of reading though... Frederick Pohl's 'Man Plus' was an amazing read (definitely an 'SF Masterwork') but I'm not sure quite how I feel about James Enge's 'A Guile of Dragons' though. There will be reviews of both next week. I ended up leaving S.L. Grey's 'The Ward' at home so I'm looking forward to getting back into that over the weekend.

For now, have a look at some of the books that were waiting for me when I got back :o)

The 'Definitely will read at some point...' Books

I asked for a copy of 'The Daughter of the Sword' (part of my mission to find Urban Fantasy that isn't like all the rest) so it would be rude not to read it ;o) 'Stray Souls' looks like it could be a good place to get back into Kate Griffin's London after I somehow managed to miss reading her last three books... I'm still not sure how I did that, not when 'A Madness of Angels' was so good. 'The Christmas Spirits' looks like it could be interesting but will be saved until mid December (at the earliest). The same deal with 'Scoundrels' I think, I've got a few other 'Star Wars' books that I want to read first.

The 'They turned up but I won't be reading them...' Books

I know I was moaning about there being too many zombie books but I refuse to replace them with a book about a 'special forces angel' falling in love with a mortal woman. That's 'A Touch of Crimson' out of the window then... :o) I never got round to reading 'Fire and Thorns' so it's doubtful that I'll pick up 'The Crown of Embers' to be honest. As far as 'The Soddit' goes... Just the title makes the book sound like it's trying too hard to be funny so I won't be reading that one either. Have any of you read 'The Soddit'?

The 'Black Library Rescue Package'

I'm after books that I can throw myself into right away, and enjoy, so the arrival of this package was timely to say the least :o) I've already reviewed 'Salvation's Reach' so won't be reading that again but the rest is fair game. All apart from 'The Ascension of Balthasar' that is, Hope broke the CD tray on our computer so transferring it to my iPod is going to be tricky...

Any of these books take your fancy?


Ken said...

That copy of Pariah looks amazing. Can't wait to see where the story of Eisenhorn and Ravenor will lead to next.

Anonymous said...

Oh pariah, one day you will be mine, in all honesty Graeme you really gotta read the Eisenhorn and Ravenor books. As a long time 40k and black librairy fan those two are quite possibly the best things ever put out by Dan Abnett, truly unforgettable reads

Nick Townsend said...

Pariah is a defineite buy for me,would be interested to hear your opinion on Dark vengance kind of avoided as havent read anything buy C Z Dunn

James B said...

Pariah is going to be good. Inquisitor Ravenor takes on his ex-master - Eisenhorn.