Saturday, 15 September 2012

A 'Blatant Filler' Update Post...

Sorry about that by the way, today has been lovely but I've only just managed to get to a computer...

Well, today should have seen a review of John Gardner's 'Grendel' but it's pretty clear by now that's not going to happen. It's a great book (certainly deserving of 'Fantasy Masterwork' status from what I've read so far) but a very dense read considering it's only a hundred and twenty three pages long. There’s so much to take in and I really want to take my time here. Give me a couple more days on this one...

What do you get in the meantime? Well, how about some books that turned up in the post and caught my eye for one reason or another...

In an alternate world without global terrorism, a private detective is hired by a mysterious woman to track down the obscure creator of the fictional vigilante, Osama Bin Laden...

Joe’s identity slowly fragments as his quest takes him across the world, from the backwaters of Asia to the European capitals of Paris and London. He discovers the shadowy world of the Refugees, ghostly entities haunting the world in which he lives. Where do they come from? What do they want? Joe knows how the story should end, but is he ready for the truths he will uncover... or the choice he will have to make?

I've heard good things about 'Osama' but never paid an awful lot of attention as it didn't seem like the kind of book I'd normally go for. Now I'm looking for books that I wouldn't normally pick up and 'Osama' fits the bill perfectly. I reckon I might even start reading it tonight.

Four months after the Pennine Fusiliers vanished from the Somme, they are still stranded on the alien world. Lieutenant Everson tries to discover the true intentions of their alien prisoner even as he must quell the unrest within his own ranks.

Beyond the trenches, Lance Corporal Atkins and his Black Hand Gang are on the trail of Jeffries, the diabolist responsible for their predicament, they must face the horrors that lie within the Croatoan Crater, a place tied to the history of the alien chatts and natives alike.

Above it all, Lieutenant Tulliver of the Royal Flying Corps soars free of the confines of alien gravity, where the true scale of the planet’s mystery is revealed. To uncover the truth, however, he must join forces with an unexpected ally.

This one's simple, I really enjoyed the first two books and want to know what happens next. Sometimes that's all it takes :o) 

Once he was a hero of the Great War, and then a member of the dreaded Black House. Now he is the criminal linchpin of Low Town.  His name is Warden.

He thought he had left the war behind him, but a summons from up above brings the past sharply, uncomfortably, back into focus. General Montgomery's daughter is missing somewhere in Low Town, searching for clues about her brother's murder. The General wants her found, before the stinking streets can lay claim to her, too.

I was going to read this one anyway (once again, really enjoyed the last book) but the reason 'Tomorrow the Killing' caught my eye, when it came in the post today, is that the hardback is the third copy of the book that I've received. I've already received two advance copies in the last few months, I know Hodder want the book read (naturally) but... seriously? Oh well ;o)

I guess 'Osama' is the one that has caught my eye the most, enough to mess around with the reading pile again. Have any of you guys already read it?

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Unknown said...

Looks like you're on the same list as me at Hodder; I've got three copies too :P Tomorrow the Killing is a great read, though.

Jamie @ Mithril Wisdom