Monday, 6 June 2011

The ‘totally lost my reading mojo…’ Competition Winner’s Post!

Welcome to another Monday everyone; I hope you all had an awesome weekend because there’s another five days to go until the next one! While I’ve finally managed to get over whatever is was that knocked me out last week, the good health has come with the unwelcome side effect of not being able to get into any book that I pick up. Seriously, I’m good for about a page and a half and then I find myself putting it down. Not quite sure what’s going on there but I do have reviews lined up for this week so I’ve got a couple of days to see if my mojo comes back. Wish me luck…

That’s not what you’re here for though is it? Odds are that if you’re reading this post then you’re wondering if you won one (or more) of the competitions that I ran last week. I won’t keep you hanging around, go and see if your name is one of the names below…

‘Hexed’ (Kevin Hearne)

Lakitha Tolbert, Ohio, USA
Shaun Duke, Florida, USA
Melissa Davis, Michigan, USA

‘The White Luck Warrior’ (R. Scott Bakker)

Oliver Nicholas, Ipswich, UK

‘The Mall’ (S.L. Grey)

Hayley Johnson, Colchester, UK
Maxine Grant. Manchester, UK
Karis Boone, Croydon, UK

Nice going there folks! Your books will be headed your way very soon, better luck next time everyone else.
Right, back to trying to find a book that will hold my attention past page two. Maybe I’m reading the wrong books…?


Mark Lawrence said...

sounds like you're suffering from reader's block!

Have you tried 'The Preacher' graphic novels?

Antonakis said...

First off, I was not reading this post to find out if I've won or not since I didn't enter any of those giveaways due to them not being open to my location! :p (Here's a point to me!)
As for the "reading mojo loss", I would not worry too much. It has happened to me several times. Sometimes is as you mentioned because of the wrong book at the wrong time. This works as it does with films, sometimes you're in the mood for action, othertimes for comedy and so on. I noticed this happening to me a few years ago and since then I started rotating the type of book being read so as to avoid getting bored or the reading excitement going stale. Or maybe it's a temporary thing, what with summer coming full force and birds singing and lovers strolling and nature growing blah blah.
Thirdy I would also take into cosideration several possible reading neutralizing factors such as a changing every-day schedule, personal or work problems that might occupy your mind and most importantly other distracting factors that might at the moment appear to be able to give a quicker and easier shot of entertainment than a relatively longer investment in reading.
And after all this mumbling, I think I've said enough. Don't worry Graeme, your mojo is there and it will come back if you still want it! :p

Nisa said...

Thanks very much :D I'm really looking forward to that arriving now. And I'm glad to hear you're feeling better now. Being too ill to read must suck >.<

Oliver said...

Thanks! Prince Of Nothing was one of the first fantasy books I read since then its been full steam ahead in this genre, really looking forward to reading this book and all the more for winning it :)Cheers Graeme keep up the great reviews and nods to new authors


Graeme Flory said...

Mark - I haven't read any Preacher but, luckily, I picked up Axe Cop and that was a great read. Written by a six year old boy and drawn by his thirty year old brother... You should check out the website if not the book :o)

Antonakis - The mojo is definitely there, I just need to coax it out :o)