Saturday, 18 June 2011

Orbit snaps up Werewolf Urban Fantasy Trilogy

I know some people like to hear about this stuff so I post it here :o) This particular piece of news isn't filling me with great joy but here goes anyway...

Little, Brown Book Group’s Orbit imprint has acquired the debut urban fantasy novel Full Blooded along with a further 2 books in the series by American author Amanda Carlson. Commissioning editor Anna Gregson bought UK and Commonwealth rights from Tracy Williams at Hachette Book Group USA.

Set in a world where all werewolves are male, the story follows Jessica – a girl who’s just become the only female werewolf in the world. And now she’s on the run, because a prophecy claims that her birth will signal the end of the werewolf race.

Gregson says: “I’m thrilled to be publishing this exceptionally fast-paced and irresistibly sexy urban fantasy trilogy that is just perfect for fans of Kelley Armstrong and Charlaine Harris. This debut stood out to us because it sizzles with energy, has a heart-thumping pace - and readers will want to consume it all in one sitting. So bearing that in mind that fans will be eager for the rest of the series, we’ll be keeping the schedule tight and will be publishing 3 books within a year”

Orbit UK and Orbit US will publish the series on both sides of the Atlantic, with the first book Full Blooded scheduled for release in all territories in September 2012.

So... Orbit are going to publish an Urban Fantasy that sounds pretty much the same as most other Urban Fantasies out there. Great news if you're a fan but this isn't exciting me I have to say, I like my Urban Fantasy to stand out and be a little different from the rest of the pack. Oh well, maybe the books will change my mind...

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Bets Davies said...

As much as I have to give props to the likes of Twilight and Charlene Harris's work. (though that is really more paranormal romance) for having re-opened the market for speculative fiction, it unfortunately also narrowed an already glutted market. I have to admit I was so annoyed by most of the lit. out there, that in my last book I took on vampires in particular and werewolves to smaller extent just because I wanted to hone my own ideas and mythology on the subject.