Saturday, 11 June 2011

A Couple of Bits and Pieces...

Here’s a couple of emails that landed in my inbox, over the last couple of days, that you might be interested in. Check ‘em out…

Nine Authors, One Event!

FORBIDDEN PLANET is delighted to be hosting one of our trademark multi-author signings. At 6:00pm on Thursday June 23rd, Forbidden Planet 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London will be playing host to: -

·     Ben Aaronovitch
·     James Barclay
·     Elspeth Cooper
·     Stephen Deas
·     Jaine Fenn
·     M D Lachlan
·     Tom Lloyd
·     John Meaney
·     Chris Wooding

To promote the release of Elspeth’s new book SONGS OF THE EARTH, Forbidden Planet has gathered a host of science fiction and fantasy talent into one event – an event to bring writers and fans together and to promote interest in new and different kinds of fiction.

This is one of our trademark multi-author events, bringing our guests out from behind their tables and giving their readers a chance to meet them and talk to them about their work. An array of fantastic books will be on hand to be picked up and signed – including works by every one of the writers present.

I love that last line… :o) This looks like a great line-up doesn’t it? Other commitments mean I won’t be at this one (looking all red-faced as I tell the above authors that I still haven’t read their books…) but I definitely think you should go if you get a chance.

Three slices of steampunk for just $0.99!

Abaddon is delighted to announce the release of its first 99 cent eBook – the Ulysses Quicksilver Short Story Collection.

Now available to download for 99 cents through Kindle (69p) and iTunes (49p), fans of Boy’s Own adventure and insane steampunk shenanigans will love this thrilling collection of short stories following the dandy, detective and adventurer Ulysses Quicksilver – the perfect introduction to the acclaimed steampunk world of Pax Britannia.

All titles in the Pax Britannia series are available as eBooks – part of Abaddon’s mission to bring the best of genre fiction to fans in new and exciting formats.

You know what I think of the ‘Ulysses Quicksilver’ books, don’t you? You don’t? Just scroll down the page a little and you soon will. I think these short stories are already available as ‘extras’ in the novels but if you haven’t read them they’re a great place to jump on board and for 69p you can’t go wrong at all. If I had a Kindle I'd be all over this one...

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