Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Couldn't Finish It...

On the whole, this blog is about books that I finish as (more often than not) I polish off whatever I pick up. Every now and then though a book will be put down unfinished and never picked up again; sometimes it's the book's fault, sometimes it isn't. The bottom line though is that I want the blog to be just as much about the books that I don't finish as it is about the ones that I do. Which brings us nicely round to Bruce Cordell's 'City of Torment'. "Isn't there a picture of 'Key of Stars' there as well?" I hear you ask. Well yeah but I'll get onto that in just a minute.

I read Bruce Cordell's 'Plague of Spells' back in December 2008 (review Here) and while I had my issues with it I was more than happy to pick up the next books in the series. The next thing I knew it was last week and those two books had been sat on the pile for over two years... What can I say? Life does seem to be on a mission to stop me reading at the moment.

It turned out to be too long a gap. Coming to 'City of Torment' I found that I had no idea who the likes of Raidon Kane or Anusha were or what they'd been up to. "But you could have a quick skim through the first book and catch up" is what you're probably saying right now. I could have done if I still had the first book (moved house last year)... What I was left with were characters that I couldn't remember who were on a quest that was moving a little too slowly to keep me interested. To be fair, a second book in a trilogy (that's building things up for the finale) is going to be like that but it wasn't something that I was up for at that point. It's not the book's fault but there was no way that I was going to finish 'City of Torment' and that had the knock on affect of 'Key of Stars' not being finished by way of my not even starting it. If I couldn't finish 'City of Torment'... well, you get the point.

As always, I'm up for being persuaded to give a book another go. Did I put down 'City of Torment' too soon? Is there something online where I can re-visit 'Plague of Spells' before giving 'City' another go? All comments are welcome :o)

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