Saturday, 29 January 2011

Just can’t seem to get into...

You know how it is, despite all the good things you hear about certain books you’ll invariably find that some of them just don’t work for you. What’s even more annoying is when the part of you that wants to keep reading ends up in conflict with the part of you that is physically having trouble working through each sentence. That’s where I am with a couple of books at the moment, I want to finish what I’ve started but it’s just not happening right now.

Glen Cook’s cover quote on Anthony Huso’s ‘The Last Page’ made it a book that I really wanted to check out. A chapter and a bit in though... Two characters that I’ve got no interest in pursuing a relationship that doesn’t seem to have any point to it. What I’ve seen of the surrounding world, so far, doesn’t really make me want to find out more about it either. I’m only a chapter and a bit into though, possibly too early to bale out? Other bloggers, whose opinions I trust, have got a lot out of this book so maybe I shouldn’t give up on it just yet.

James Enge’s ‘This Crooked Way’ is a different deal as I’m roughly half way through the book (instead of just past the first chapter) but have still come to a grinding halt. Whilst a big improvement on ‘The Blood of Ambrose’, I’ve come to the feeling that I’m not going to see anything new from Morlock Ambrosius other than the same smart tricks that I’ve seen already. It feels like both Morlock and Enge are treading water here and I want to see something more than that (although the way Morlock constantly outsmarts the troll was very funny).

I’m not after a big vote on whether or not to continue reading as I suspect I probably will anyway. I was just wondering if any of you guys have read either of these books and, if so, what you thought of them. Any comments on beating ‘Reader’s Block’ will be appreciated too!


SQT said...

This happens to me all the time. I try not to write off the books that don't appeal, unless I really dislike them, because there's always the chance that I'll like them later. I'm always surprised at how much my taste can change over time.

Anonymous said...

The last page: aside from the two charactors, could it be the writing that's putting you off? it is quite baroque and strange but even then it's an integral part of the book. but it does get VERY interesting

This crooked way: dont give that up either. as their are a lot of suprising revelations stretching back to the short stories themselves. but it is very episodic, no? try out the wolf age if you're still not interested.

GunMetalBlue said...

I have had this happen a few times what I did was put those books down for a littlew while and then pick them back up ion a few months for a fresh go....I did this with A GAME OF THRONES, HEROES DIE and MIDNIGHT TIDES...and of course all three are stellar reads. It may have less to do with the books, than your current state of mind doesn't want to accept them.

Either that or you hate them. LOL.

I'd put them down and give them a future chance.

noothergods said...

I haven't read either of these but I can say that sometimes putting a book down for a while lets me come back to it with a fresh perspective. I can usually pick up in the middle again without any trouble though so I never go back and restart the book.

D.J. Cappella said...

I completely agree with you. Especially as a reader of Urban and young adult fantasy I find some popular books hard to enjoy despite the hype.

D.J. Cappella
author of Witches, Demons, & Deals

Brenda said...

Sometimes when I'm having trouble with a book I decide a certain amount of pages I have to read in it each day, and then I make myself read that much. That way either it will pick up and I'll really enjoy it or I'll force myself to get through it.