Thursday, 13 January 2011

Free Ken Scholes Short Story on

What with one thing and another, I totally lost my way with Ken Scholes' 'Psalms of Isaak' series last year and never found my way back in. Shame really as 'Lamentation'  certainly promised good things, maybe 2011 will be the year I catch up with this series as well...

In the meantime (if you're 'taking a break' from the 'Psalms of Isaak' series like me, *ahem*, or if you just fancy something quick and fun), are featuring Ken Scholes' 'Making My Entrance Again With My Usual Flair'; a sci-fi short story featuring a down on his luck clown and a monkey who... Well, you can probably guess from the picture but read the story anyway. I did and thoroughly enjoyed it. Here's the first paragraph,

No one ever asks a clown at the end of his life what he really wanted to be when he grew up. It’s fairly obvious. No one gets hijacked into the circus. We race to it, the smell of hotdogs leading us in, our fingers aching for the sticky pull of taffy, the electric shock of pink cotton on our tongue. Ask a lawyer and he’ll say when he was a kid he wanted to be an astronaut. Ask an accountant; he’ll say he wanted to be fireman.
I am a clown. I have always wanted to be a clown. And I will die a clown if I have my way.

A nice quick read to go with your morning coffee ;o)

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