Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Cover Art! 'The Conan Chronicles' (Fantasy Masterworks)

I know it's more cover art but I'm on holiday right now and taking my time with my books :o) Normal service will resume next week.

In the meantime, check out the cover art on a couple of my Christmas/New Year's presents. Isn't it gorgeous?

Not only am I looking forward to getting into these anyway (after having read a whole load of the comics, it's time to read the real thing) but I love how the cover art captures that 'pulp vibe' in such an elegant way. All the best bits of Conan on a cover that you wouldn't be embarrassed to be see with on the train. At least that's where I'll be reading my copies :o)

What do you think though?


Heloise said...

I have the Centenary Edition of The Complete Chronicles of Conan myself which has an even lower embarrassment factor over-wise, but is rather too massive for being read on the train. :p

I am rather fond of the Conan stories myself, I love not just their unabashed pulpiness but also their decadent vibes - they're a lot closer to Lovecraft than one might expect.

I think they're probably better read and savoured in small doses, though, otherwise you might end getting mightly sick of the barbarian's "mighty thews" and some other stytlistic quirks of Howard's. Taken one at a time, those are great fun, and I wish you much joy reading them!

noothergods said...

I've always been fond of Conan, both the stories and the cover art. The comic that is currently being put out is awesome...though I wish someone would make a movie that could live up to the character.

Jamie Gibbs said...

I much prefer the second cover to the first, it has a lot more dynamic. Both very nice covers though :)

Jim Black said...

Conan is a fun pulp series. I need to start reading the new Conan comic book. Roy Thomas has returned to writing the character in it.

Kahless said...

Like Heloise I have the Centenary edition in all it's mock black leather glory.

I do like the two covers shown, they remind me of the Conan books I used to buy back in the late 1970s.

Nat Howler - Author on a Journey said...

Very nice covers. The second one especially is almost three-D in effect. You get a very strong sense for the movement in the serpent, and it almost looks as if it is moving on the image.