Tuesday, 26 January 2010

'Prospero Burns' - Publication pushed back to January 2011

From the email...

Due to author Dan Abnett’s health issues, the Horus Heresy novel Prospero Burns will now be published in Jan 2011. This novel chronicles the epic story of the Space Wolves and their dire battle with the Thousand Sons for the eponymous planet. It provides a counterpoint to A Thousand Sons, which tells the story from the Traitor Legion’s perspective and is published in March 2010.

The million-selling Horus Heresy series continues to go from strength-to-strength throughout 2010, with three major new novels and three original audio dramas. For a full list of 2010 titles please visit the Black Library website at www.blacklibrary.com

Statement from Dan Abnett:

“As some of you will know, I became ill in the latter part of last year. The problem was eventually identified as epilepsy, which I am now managing, but it took several rather troubling months to reach that diagnosis. As a consequence, Prospero Burns did not meet its deadline, and the decision’s been made to push back its release. I’d like to say two things: thank you for all the messages of support, and sorry there’s going to be a delay. I’ll do everything I can to make sure that Prospero Burns is worth the wait.”

I'm a fan of the 'Horus Heresy' series and Dan Abnett's work in general. Illness is never a good thing (whatever form it takes) so I'm glad he's managing it and I hope he continues to do so. Good health is such an important thing, I can wait a while longer for 'Prospero Burns' if that's the payoff.

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