Tuesday, 5 January 2010

'Popgun Vol. 4' - Preview Stuff

I absolutely loved 'Popgun Vol. 3' to pieces when I read it last year so the news that volume 4 is out next month made my day when I got the email last night :o)

I'll be reviewing it nearer the release date but, in the meantime, you can click right Here for another look at the cover art, five preview stories and a full list of contributors.

I've got my fingers crossed for another 'Bastard Road' story... :o)

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D.J. said...

Thanks for the post, Graeme! And we'll do you one better on your BASTARD ROAD hopes-- that's right! We have two BASTARD ROAD stories in POPGUN 4. It's a cool idea Brian and Dave use: both stories happen at the same time, one from Bastard's POV, and then, later in the book, we see what his sidekick, Farel, was up to during that time. Fun stuff.