Monday, 11 January 2010

Books for 2010 - Underland Press

The bottom line is that, as far as I'm concerned, there hasn't been a bad book come out of Underland Press yet so I was naturally eager to find out what they had in store for the coming year. It looks like we could be in for a good one this year if Victoria Blake's reply is anything to go by...

... good God, yes do we have books for 2010. I don't know if you'd heard, but the Best American Fantasy series came to Underland from Prime, with the new volume out in the next few weeks. I'm particularly excited about this one because, with guest editor Kevin Brockmeier leading the way, the stories come equally from traditional genre mags as well as from traditional lit mags. I'm all for category hopping (as you know), and I'm particularly excited by the evidence of a fantasy renaissance in American letters right now.

We also have Martin Millar's new fiction, his follow up to the absurdly popular Lonely Werewolf Girl. It's a romping read, a true delight. I don't want to write any more about it, because I know how many fans Millar has, and I don't want to give anything away.

And... All three Drive-in books are finally together as one omnibus volume. Clocking in at more than 400 tight pages, it'll be coming out in the spring, and it guarantees some of the weirdest stuff you'll ever read. Seriously. The Drive-in was a cult classic when it came out back in the 80s, the follow-up hit with a splash, and the third novel has never been available outside the limited edition. So I'm pretty stoked. Oh, and there's an introduction by Don Coscarelli. Cool!

One of my unspoken resolutions is to read more anthologies and it looks like I'm going to get a chance to do just that here. I'm also looking forward to giving Martin Millar a go for the first time.
How about you? Anything there catch your eye...?


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Magemanda said...

Oooh, a new Martin Millar book! I'm officially excited!

Joe Sherry said...

Hold up...Blake's publishing Lansdale? Oh, hell yeah!

Larry said...

BAF3 is indeed quite good, but I might be a tad bit biased. Working on helping make sure that BAF4 is even better :P

Graeme Flory said...

I'll be holding you to that Larry! ;o)