Friday, 27 November 2009

Two for 2010?

Gollancz seem to think so and, having read the first few pages of each (I'll be reviewing them a little nearer the time), I think they just might be onto something :o)
Here's the blurb for Sam Sykes' 'Tome of the Undergates' and Justin Cronin's 'The Passage'...

Lenk can barely keep control of his mismatched adventurer band at the best of times (Gariath the dragon man sees humans as little more than prey, Kataria the shict despises most humans and the humans in the band are little better). When they're not insulting each other's religions they're arguing about pay and conditions. So when the ship they are travelling on is attacked by pirates things don't go very well. They go a whole lot worse when an invincible demon joins the fray. The demon steals the Tome of the Undergates - a manuscript that contains all you need to open the undergates. And whichever god you believe in you don't want the undergates open. On the other side are countless more invincible demons, the manifestation of all the evil of the gods, and they want out. Full of razor-sharp wit, characters who leap off the page (and into trouble) and plunging the reader into a vivid world of adventure this is a fantasy that kicks off a series that could dominate the second decade of the century.

Look out for this one in February next year.

Amy Harper Bellafonte is six years old and her mother thinks she's the most important person in the whole world. She is. Anthony Carter doesn't think he could ever be in a worse place than Death Row. He's wrong. FBI agent Brad Wolgast thinks something beyond imagination is coming. It is. THE PASSAGE...

Look out for this one in June next year.

For some reason it makes me laugh that the thickest book has the shortest blurb to accompany it. It's got me intrigued though so I'll be checking it out at some point. While we're here, what books are you looking forward to in 2010?

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Harry Markov said...

I am looking for all the books I didn't get to read in 2009 and those that will be published in 2010. That makes... EVERYTHING. Is that a tad too much?