Monday, 30 November 2009

The Monday Morning 'Stupid Rain...' Competition Winners Post

Going into work on a Monday morning is bad enough; having to do it in the pouring rain just adds insult to injury really... :o( Anyway, it may be raining but the following people won't mind as much as they won last weekend's competitions! The lucky folk were...

'By the Mountain Bound' (Elizabeth Bear)

Amber Perreca, Vancouver, Canada

'The Cole Protocol' (Tobias Buckell)

Carrie Hobbs, Martham, UK
Cathy Gordon, Southampton, UK
Rick Smith, Dorking, UK
Maria Elliott, Newport, UK
Mark Shaw, London, UK

Well done guys! Your books should be on their way very soon. Better luck next time everyone else...


Anonymous said...

Great News!!! Can't wait to read it!



Bethery said...

Yah!!~~ Thank you :)
This was the best news to receive on a Monday morning. I am looking forward to reading Elizabeth Bear's latest book.~

Thank you,