Monday, 30 November 2009

RIP Robert Holdstock

I’m usually busy at the weekends so end up scheduling stuff for the blog and not really going online. It was a really nasty surprise then to come in this morning and find out that Robert Holdstock passed away, on Sunday, after complications arising from an Ecoli infection.

I’d met Robert a couple of times and found him to be a great guy to hang out and have a drink with. Here was a man who had no problems telling it exactly how it was when talking about his writing and it was fascinating to hear such brutal honesty about the whole process.
I only really got into his books this year and will be reading more of his work. I can’t believe that I didn’t read ‘Mythago Wood’ a lot sooner than I did, an amazing book. ‘Avillion’ was superb as well. People are saying a lot of good things about ‘Lavondyss’ so I reckon that will be the one I try next.

RIP Robert. If you’re heading into Ryhope Wood now, remember to follow the stream...


Michael said...

Well that's really sad, he was a wonderful author.

Michael said...
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