Saturday, 14 June 2008

Weekend Giveaway!

I've been sent a couple of books that I've either already reviewed or have waiting on the 'to be read pile' to be reviewed. It's the weekend, it's nice and sunny outside so I thought I see if any of you would like them! You do? But... you don't even know what they are yet!
For your potential pleasure I have copies of...

'The Elves of Cintra' - Terry Brooks
Fifty years from now, our world looks very different. Governments have fallen. Thousands live in fortified strongholds; others roam the landscape as either predator or prey. Standing against the forces that have tipped the balance from good to evil are a very few heroes, men and women imbued with powerful magic and sworn to a high destiny. Logan Tom is one of those heroes. He's on a desperate quest to deliver the street kids he rescued in Seattle to safety. So, too, is Angel Perez, who is leading a second group in the Oregon wilderness where she encounters the long-hidden Elves of Cintra. And Hawk - just learning his magic - has an encounter with the mystical King of the Silver River, who promises safety for both humans and elves - if only they can reach him...

'Black Ships' - Jo Graham
The World is ending. One by one the mighty cities are falling: to earthquakes, to flood and to raiders - on both land and sea. In a time of war and doubt, Gull is an oracle, a mouthpiece of the gods. Daughter of a slave plundered from fallen Troy, she was chosen as a child to serve the Lady of the Dead, and it is her fate to counsel kings. When nine black ships appear as foretold in her dreams, captained by an exiled Trojan prince, Gull must make her choice. She must decide between her sacred calling and the most perilous adventure - joining her mother's people in their desperate flight from slavery. From the doomed bastions of the City of Pirates to the temples of Byblos, from the intrigues of the Egyptian court to the haunted caves beneath Mount Vesuvius, only Gull can guide Prince Aeneas on his quest. And only she can dare the gates of the Underworld itself to lead him to his destiny. In the last shadowed days of the Age of Bronze, one woman dreams of the world beginning anew. This is her story.

Do either of these sound good to you? To be in with a chance of winning either book (or both) just drop me an email telling me who you are and what your mailing address is. You can enter for both books, if you want, but please send a seperate email for each entry (makes it easier for me to tell who's after what!). Also, please make it clear in your email header which book you are entering for. This competition is open to anyone regardless of where you live, I'm going to let it run until next Friday (20th June) and then announce the winners on the Saturday.

Good Luck!

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