Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Giveaway! 'Victory of Eagles' (Naomi Novik)

I've just had a rather nice hardback copy of Naomi Novik's latest Temeraire book arrive in the post this morning, unfortunately I already have an advance copy waiting to be read (not long now!)... This means that I have a spare copy of 'Victory of Eagles' if anyone wants it. You want it? And you as well? Here's what you need to do...
You see my email address at the top right hand of the screen? Drop me a line telling me who are you and what your mailing address is (very important, how can I send you the book if I have nowhere to send it to?) There's a couple of other competitions running at the moment so you need to make it clear, in the subject header, that it's the Temeraire book that you're after.
I'll let this one run until next Tuesday (24th of June)and announce the winner on the following Wednesday...

Good Luck!

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