Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Naomi Novik - An excerpt from 'Victory of Eagles' and tour dates.

If you're a fan of Naomi Novik then I'm sure that you're waiting patiently (or not so patiently maybe!) for the release of 'Victory of Eagles', the latest installment in the adventures of Captain Will Laurence and his dragon Temeraire. There's just over a month to go if you're living in the US (July 8th) but a little bit longer for UK residents (August 7th) so how would you like a little something to keep you ticking over in the meantime?
If you go to Naomi's website, not only can you sign up for email updates etc but you can also read an excerpt from 'Victory of Eagles'. I'm a big fan of this series and the excerpt has really whetted my appetite for the book itself. Expect to see a review soon...

Naomi will also be going on tour to promote 'Victory of Eagles'. Here's a list of the dates and venues, I guess that the exact times still need to be confirmed...

7/9 New York, NY
Barnes & Noble (Greenwich Village)

7/15 Philadelphia, PA
Free Library of Philadelphia

7/16 Washington, DC
Borders Books & Music (Bailey’s Crossroads)

7/17 Richmond, VA
Creatures ‘n Crooks

7/22 San Francisco, CA
Borderlands Books

7/23 Berkeley, CA
Dark Carnival

7/24, 7/25, 7/26 San Diego, CA
San Diego Comic Con \o/

7/28 Seattle, WA
University Bookstore

7/29 Portland, OR
Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing

Apparently Chicago will also be visited (sometime in August) but details are still to be confirmed. You can get all this information (and other cool stuff) by visiting Naomi's website and signing up for the email updates.

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