Sunday, 18 April 2010

Giveaway! 'Sleepless' (Charlie Huston)

I'm reading this one at the moment and although I'm only a little way in (so things still really need to get going) it's looking like Huston has turned out another quality read. Here's the blurb...

Parker T. Haas is a straight-arrow LAPD cop whose cast-iron sense of right and wrong has made him a lone wolf on the force. But when a plague of sleeplessness attacks Los Angeles and the world beyond, his philosophical certainties are tested to destruction. Sent undercover to pose as a dealer, Haas is on the trail of a black-market drug that is the one thing providing relief to the sleepless - if you can penetrate the arcane code of its mysterious supplier. But as Haas negotiates the increasingly chaotic and dangerous world of a city slowly going mad, he crosses the path of an equally fanatical a-moralist, a hired killer whose extreme sense of aesthetic perfection admits not the slightest humanity. But as their collision course accelerates (two men: one of the old world; one of the newly emerging), Parker must decide not only where the moral centre is located in this frightening new landscape, but also how he is going to save his wife Rose - herself a victim of the disease - and their newborn baby, whose uncertain future is coming into being before their eyes.

Like I said, it's shaping up to be pretty cool.

Thanks to Orion, I have one copy of 'Sleepless' to give away to one lucky winner. This one's only open to UK readers though... To enter, all you need to do is drop me an email (address at the top right hand side of the screen telling me who you are and what your postal address is. I'll do the rest.

I'm leaving this one open until the 25th of April and, like yesterday's competition, will aim to announce the winner as soon as possible afterwards.

Good Luck!

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