Sunday, 8 February 2009

Urban Fantasy Giveaway! 'Men of the Otherworld' & 'Bone Crossed'

Having really enjoyed 'Men of the Otherworld' and 'Bone Crossed', this week, I wanted to do a giveaway and share the love! :o) Orbit were up for this (thanks!) and, as a result, I have two 'packs' (containing one copy of each book) to give away to two lucky winners. However, this competition is only open to readers from the UK and Europe. Sorry about that...

How to enter? Same deal as yesterday (drop me an email, let me know where you live etc) but you do need to make it clear that this is the competition that you want to enter... I'll let this one run until next Sunday night (15th February) and announce the winners on the following Monday.

Good Luck!

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