Sunday, 6 April 2008

Doctor Who is back!

And I missed it... I wouldn't normally swap a day's holiday for sci-fi TV but I've just spent an afternoon in the rain and I'm all wet and miserable...
This is where you guys come in ;o) Did you watch Doctor Who last night? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Did it leave you feeling cold and empty inside? Leave a comment and let me know what I missed...



Anonymous said...

Russell T. Davies really irritates me. Every time he writes an episode of Dr. Who it makes me physically angry.

His writing is just AWFUL.

See my blog for further anti-Davies tirades ;)

Having said all that, having the Doctor back is worth something. I hear Steven Moffatt is going to give us a two parter sometime this season...

Chris, The Book Swede said...

Was a good episode. The normal start to a series, the re-union between Doctor and erm, Tate's character, whatever her name is again. Too many changes!

Very cute aliens, incidentally. And something HUGE. They're already setting the scene for the Big Bad.

Watch it soon! ;)

Best wishes,