Friday, 7 March 2008

More Free Reading! Jeff Vandermeer's 'The Situation'

There seems to be a 'mini-boom' just recently in the number of online books being made available for free download. NightShade Books have just done it, Tor and Harper Collins have been doing it for a little while now (and I think Eos Books made some of their books available to mark their tenth anniversary). Now it's the turn of PS Publishing who have made the entire text of Jeff Vandermeer's forthcoming novelette 'The Situation' available in Adobe pdf format over on's GeekDad. Printed copies of the book will not be available for another three weeks so it's a great way to have a little taster in the meantime. According to PS Publishing Editor-in-Chief Peter Crowther, 'The Situation' is "a tale of corporate surrealism that ought to ring true for anyone who's ever found themselves trapped in cubicle hell and struggling to deal with the bewildering pace of technological change." Sounds just like my job right now... :o(
If you find yourself hankering for a printed copy of 'The Situation' then have a look over Here...

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TK42ONE said...

So what's up with this e-book boom? I've doubled my collection of e-books in the past two weeks, which isn't saying much as it currently stands at eight books. Could this be the "new wave" we've been hearing about for the past few years? Curious how many others out there are seeing this dramatic rise or if it really is as dramatic as I see it.