Saturday, 26 January 2008

'The Zombie: Simon Garth' - Kyle Hotz (MAX Comics)

If you're into zombies and comics then it's very likely you've already picked up Mike Raicht's 'Zombie' mini-series from Marvel Comics 'Max' imprint. It's the tale of a bank clerk, Simon Garth, who has to deal with a robbery and a zombie infestation all at the same time. Not a good day for anyone to have I'm sure you'll agree!
Well, the title for this mini-series sequel kinda gives the game away but I've just picked up the first two issues and there's a lot more going on as well. I'm talking a woman on the run with her daughter, a tribe of inbred hill-billies, a drunken cop and a zombie infestation that's just starting to take root (cue lots of gore!). All of that and Simon Garth himself...
I'm on for the ride and if you're a fan of zombies you'll give this a go as well. I reckon you'll like it ;o)

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