Sunday, 12 August 2007

'El Sombra' - Who wants it?

I've read Al Ewing's 'El Sombra' (review a little way further down the page) and I thought it was great. It's not a demanding read and it's certainly not the beginning of one of those really long series where you have to wait years for the next installment (you know the ones I mean... ) It's 300 pages of 'in your face' pulp entertainment, ideal for a quick read by the pool while you're on holiday.
What's that? You're going on holiday and you fancy something new to read by the pool or at the airport? Well, I think you may have come to my blog at just the right time...
I've got one copy of 'El Sombra' to give away to one lucky chap or lady, do you want it?
It couldn't be easier to give yourself a chance of winning, simply email me (address at the right hand side of the screen) and let me know your mailing address and if you frequent any particular forums. I'll announce the winner on Friday...
Good luck!

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