Saturday, 9 June 2007

Lexx Season Two – ‘Terminal’

No one really knew if ‘Lexx’ was ever going to make it past the four TV movies before it was eventually commissioned for a full series. In one of those weird ironic twists, by the time the production team got the green light Eva Habermann (Zev) had agreed to do TV work in her native Germany. ‘Terminal’ marks her final appearance in the show and she bows out in typical ‘Lexx’ style, being first transformed into a Cluster Lizard and then into a vat of orange goo (I know that could be a spoiler but sometimes the journey is more important than the destination…)
Stan mistakenly believes that just because he is the captain of the Lexx he knows how to operate some of its more complex machinery. A near fatal encounter with Kai proves his ineptitude and results in a mad dash for the MedSat hospital facility. The staff agrees to treat Stan but are casting avaricious looks at the Lexx in the meantime. Zev holds the key but her love slave programming means she is vulnerable to the attentions of the charismatic Doctor Kazzan…
This particular episode suffers unfavourably when compared with the longer TV movies, the fifty minute format means there’s only time to deal with one plot at a time (instead of several at once, done with great aplomb in ‘I worship His Shadow’) although the looming presence of Mantrid is slowly built upon. Because of Eva Habermann’s departure, the whole episode is geared towards Zev’s exit and because of this you see the ending coming a mile off.
It’s not all bad though; 790 comes up with some particularly acidic put downs for Stan while the inventive villainy of Dr Kazzan and his colleagues make for some tense climactic scenes. Zev’s departure is also quite touching.
Not the best episode of ‘Lexx’ that you will see but entertaining to watch none the less.

Six and a Half out of Ten


org said...

Ah Lexx, the Cherry Coke of sci-fi serials. You never quite know if you love it or loathe it.

Graeme Flory said...

It's definitely an acquired taste, kinda like marmite... (I love marmite!)