Thursday, 31 May 2007

Lexx Season 2 - 'Mantrid'

The Divine Order has been destroyed and the crew of the Lexx are searching for a home in the Dark Zone. This doesn't last for long though. Kai suddenly demands that the Lexx return to the Light Universe to see if any dormant insect eggs survived the destruction of the Gigashadow, he needs more proto-blood and this can only be found in an insect. However, Kai is working to an agenda that even he is unaware of and the consequences of a 'trade off' between the crew and Mantrid (former Bio-Vizier to His Shadow) will spell trouble for the entire universe...
After the success of the four tv movies 'Lexx' was given the green light for a full season. The studio's confidence in the show is immediately apparent with the superior special effects on show. The Lexx isn't just made out of sheets of fabric and plywood anymore, it has a more organic feel. These changes are alluded to in the script, Stan asks the Lexx why the Bridge has changed and receives the answer "I'm still growing".
The new season of 'Lexx' immediately lays down the markers to be just as outrageous and nasty as it's predecessors. Sex is still very much on the agenda for the crew and when possibly one of the most evil men in the universe is only the bumblig sidekick to the main villain you just know that you are going to see truly nasty stuff happening... The only downside is the stagnant character of 790. His love for Zev is shown in some hilarious 'put downs' to Stan but there's no sign that he will ever develop. Maybe this is the whole point but it is starting to grate.
Events take place that mark the start of the main story arc for the season (and provide background history as well) and a gloomy gothic overtone makes it feel truly alien. Future episodes vary in quality but this is definitely one of the best.

Nine out of Ten

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