Friday, 9 November 2012

Judge Dredd joins World Book Night

World Book Night isn't until April 23rd next year but this is well worth the mention now because, well... Judge Death! :o)

From the press release,

2000 AD is delighted to announce that one of its titles has been chosen as the first ever graphic novel to be featured in World Book Night. Judge Dredd: The Dark Judges is an all-time classic from the pages of the ongoing weekly British comic, and this pocket-size ‘B format’ reprint sees the ultimate lawman of the future encounter his deadliest foes - Judges from a dimension where even life itself is a crime! It is the first time that a graphic novel has been featured in World Book Night, which aims to give away 500,000 books to promote and encourage reading. The BBC has returned as the charity’s media partner, with the book selection to feature on BBC1’s “The One Show” as well as “Newsnight Review”.

Featuring some of the most iconic moments in the strip’s history, this volume includes the original Judge Death story, along with the sequels, Death Lives and The Dark Judges, and the Judge Anderson follow-up, Four Dark Judges. The Dark Judges are the four grotesque lawmen of the Apocalypse: the chilling Judge Fear, the devastating Judge Fire, the terrifying Judge Mortis and their leader - JUDGE DEATH! Twisted alien super-fiends from another dimension where all life has been declared a crime, after wiping out their own world, they plan to bring that murderous mission to Mega-City One! Judge Dredd and his wise-cracking psychic partner, Judge Anderson, must do everything they can to stop the fearsome foursome bringing their brand of justice to the city!

“As one of the most iconic British brands in publishing we are absolutely delighted to be a part of World Book Night ,” said 2000 AD and Rebellion Publishing manager Ben Smith. “Not only is The Dark Judges a classic Judge Dredd story, but the role that comics can play in encouraging reading and boosting literacy is well known. I have no doubt that people who receive one of the free copies will discover a new world of amazing stories, and hopefully will develop an appetite for great British

I can't help but think this has happened because of the fuss made over the number of genre titles in the last World Book Night. When the bottom line is more people getting a chance to read some classic Dredd though... You can't complain really, I'm not :o) If I haven't already read the book by next April then I'll be reading it on the 23rd. You should give it a go if you get the chance.

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Blitzspear said...

Epic news i'll be intrested to see them reviewing it on the one show lol. I'd think BL would try to get some 40k/30k/warhammer fantasy in there. Got all those storys btw and they are very good but i'd have personally gone with strontium dogs Protrait of a Mutant.