Wednesday, 25 July 2012

'Walking Dead' #100, Time for me to bail out...

Well... I say 'bail out' but I'll more than likely keep up with the storyline in one form or another (via the 'Walking Dead Wiki' I think). I just can't see myself making that mad dash for the latest trade collection like I have done in the past. It's a shame as I've been following the series for years now, ever since I moved to London, but everything comes to an end eventually (just a little bit sooner than it was meant to for me).

I'll do my utmost to avoid spoilers (as always) but read on with a little caution if you haven't picked up #100 just yet...

What always attracted me to this series was that it was a story first and foremost, a really in-depth and no holds barred look at how real people would deal with a zombie apocalypse. This approach has seen some really brutal moments but that's what this kind of situation is all about, people trying to survive no matter the cost.

Issue 100 though... That was all about a series milestone being reached. Fair enough but when you take that approach then you've got to do something noteworthy to mark it. [SPOILER ALERT!] This time round, a fairly major character is bludgeoned to death by a guy wielding a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. One of the most vicious and gut wrenching scenes I've seen in this series.[YOU CAN LOOK NOW]

It wasn't done for the story though, it was a moment that marked a hundred issues of an incredibly successful series of comic books and that was what killed it for me. Kirkman has always shown real respect for his cast, putting them through hell but a hell that meant something in terms of plot. That respect wasn't there this time round and a character's death lost significance because of that (they meant something but their death didn't, not to me)

We all know that I can't stay away from zombies, not for long, and I do want to know how it will all end. Like I said though, you won't see me running out for the trades anymore and that's a real shame.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Too much. They need a break.