Sunday, 22 July 2012

Giveaway! 'Kop Killer' (Warren Hammond)

I'm reading this at the moment and it's a lot better than that 'deliberately trying to be cool' spelling, in the title, would have you believe. Here's the blurb,

Juno Mozambe once had a life. That was when he was a dirty cop, married to a woman who suffered such profound abuse that she murdered her vile, drug kingpin father. Juno loved his wife and did his best to help her survive her guilt, her drug habit, and her desire to end her life on the dead-end planet of Lagarto. When she died, however, Juno's life went downhill. And then his first partner, the corrupt chief of the Koba Office of Police, was murdered. The man responsible, Emil Mota, is using the KOP for his personal gain. Juno has been lying low, but now he's ready to do whatever it takes to take down the bastard. Rather than working from inside the system, he's decided that the only way to take down the KOP is to create an independent base of power. So he gets involved with a team of dirty cops and starts working as a rent-a-thug for a whorehouse that needs protection. Juno's last partner knows that his risky plan has a purpose, but she's that rarest of creatures on the hothouse planet of Lagarto: an honest cop. She can't help him. When Juno discovers a series of profoundly twisted murders, he faces a bleak possibility: in his desperate quest for vengeance against the man who targeted him for death, Juno may have placed himself beyond any hope of redemption...

 Pure Pulp is the name of the game here I think :o) Anyway...

 I thought you guys might enjoy this one so I asked the very nice lady at Tor about running a competition for three copies. Not only did she say 'yes' but very kindly agreed to open this one up worldwide. Anyone can enter, it doesn't matter where you live!
All you need to do to enter is drop me an email (address at the top right hand side of the screen) telling me who you are and what your postal address is. The subject header needs to be 'Kop Killer'. I'll do everything else.

I'll let this one run until the 29th of July and will aim to announce the winners as soon as possible afterwards.

Good Luck!


Xenophon said...

Wonder if the "K" instead of "C" in the title is to avoid copyright entanglements from the NWA song of the same title?

Teawench said...

I was a bit leery about a book called Kop Killer until I found out what it was about. Now it's definitely on my radar.