Thursday, 5 July 2012

'Surprise!' Cover Art - 'Eyes Like Leaves' (Charles De Lint)

Well, it was a surprise for me... :o)

One of the things I love about running the blog are the random, unsolicited, books that arrive in the post. It is a double-edged sword (with some books not interesting me at all, quite the opposite in fact) but every now and then a potential gem arrives in the post. Such as 'Eyes Like Leaves' for example, kindly sent by Tachyon Press when all I'd asked for was a copy of 'The Sword And Sorcery Anthology'.
Check out was is, quite frankly, a glorious cover...

Summer magic is waning in the Green Isles, and the evil Icelord is encasing the lands in a permanent frost while coastal towns are pillaged by snake ships. Mounting one last defense against the onslaught, a mysterious old wizard instructs his inexperienced apprentice in the art of shape-changing. Mercilessly pursued by the Icelord's army, this newfound mage gathers allies—a seemingly ordinary young woman and her protective adoptive family—and they flee north in a desperate race to awaken the Summerlord. Time is running short for the Summerborn, especially when a treacherous family betrayal is discovered.

Doubly a surprise then as, until now, I thought that De Lint only wrote (very good) urban fantasy. I'm about halfway through four other books at the moment but I'm really excited about 'Eyes Like Leaves'. Anyone else read it?


Unknown said...

Haven't read that one, but I adore De Lint :) Can't wait to hear what you think of it!

Carmen Wing said...

Nope but have to agree - that cover is gorgeous!

Liesel K. Hill said...

No but I kinda want to. Love the cover--and the title! great title--and the blurb sounds interesting!